Why inkBOOK?


You can buy any reader on the market.  
But we suggest you buy ours.
Or rather, yours. Because your inkBOOK will always love you:
  • It will read you books
  • It will check your mail
  • It won’t be a burden for you: 153 grams, just as much as half of a large bar of chocolate.
  • It will keep you company when your train is delayed
  • It will help you relieve stress in a traffic jam
  • It will never let you down


Where did inkBOOK come from? From passion.
From a passion for reading, for new technology, and for e-paper in general. It’s an incredible solution, one which makes it easier on your eyes and on the environment.
inkBOOK is a brand created by the team at Arta Tech. We are a group of interface designers, product designers, and programmers. Specialists in making sure that you are always satisfied.


Thanks to inkBOOK, you’ll never forget how wonderfully people can write. You’ll be able to read all the time and everywhere, wherever you want.
You’ll find that books are like Facebook, but without the spam and photos of what people had for lunch. It’s a distillation of hundreds of years of the things that have interested us, given us wisdom, and made us laugh.
It’s the best that we have to say for ourselves.

We believe in books and we believe in inkBOOK. The two are made for each other.


Our reader is the fulfilment of the dream of the perfect book.
In reality of course, there is no such book (although fans of Tolkien may think differently), so it’s easier to carry around several hundred books which you always want to have at hand.
It’s convenient for seniors, easy to use for juniors, and can be used in all sorts of weather.
It’s just like a good book, but even easier.