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inkBOOK Explore - E-reader and Much More. New 7.8" Device Coming Soon!

May 4, 2018


We're proud to officially announce a new member of our family - inkBOOK Explore. We've worked hard to make an e-reader that will not be only great for reading any type of digital content but also be able to have the performance to support different kinds of apps users like to have.

Explore will feature a 7.8" E-Ink screen with a 300 DPI. It will have a front-light with color temperature management. We wanted to create a better reading experience at different times of the day and the best possible text display. Color temperature is another good way of letting the users customize the device to their preferences. It's supported by i.MX6SL processor  and a 1GB RAM memory. With 8GB of storage you can keep around 6000 e-books on the device as you go.

We kept the Bluetooth availability so users can still install their favorite audiobook apps and listen at any time. 

As all our devices, it is based on Android (4.4.2) and allows installing different apps at the same time. Not only it supports most of digital libraries (Kindle, Kobo, Youboox, Legimi, Skoobe...) but also miscellaneous apps such as comic reading, games, calendars, file transfer apps, wikis and many more. We want users to fully, well, "explore" the benefits of open system and use the device as sometimes that fits and improves their daily routine. Creating more opportunities to read is a very important, but part of it.



We will be updating you on the exact launch date as we go. It's expected to be in June. If you are interested to hear more details make sure to find us on social media!

More about inkBOOK Explore incoming soon....


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