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inkBOOK on Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum

February 2, 2018

In the last days of January, inkBOOK hosted the first ever Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum.

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Education and it was focused on active and influential figures in the fields of publishing, culture, literature and new reading technology from around the world.


As the Chairman at the Department of Culture and Tourism said: ”The Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum brings together brilliant minds to discuss and find solutions or mechanisms that push the publishing industry forward by monitoring the achievements by having an understanding of the transformations that have taken place in the UAE publishing scene, and using this as an experience which can be studied and evaluated. Through this process, we look forward to producing useful and achievable results, from which not only the UAE can benefit, but also the entire region”.


The owner of the inkBOOK brand - Paweł Horbaczewski, presented there "Potential and dangers of emerging e-book market". Shared his knowledge and experience with the publishers and presenting best technical solutions for the market. As he says “inkBOOK e-readers perfectly fit into the form of this forum - they are the only e-readers that can propose technological support for this specific publishing market, by providing devices fully supporting Arabic languages”.




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